Sunday, May 6, 2012

Challange 6 Avant Garde for Lady Gaga

Well everyone the final challenge is finished, I scored a 70 on this one, I did not win, heck I didn't even come close, but I did learn a lot about myself and my abilities, I learned that I can do this I just need to explore my imagination a bit more, expand on my creativity and get out there and get it done. I've made stuff from scratch using my abilities to create patterns and take ideas and go with it. I actually loved this challenge as it inspired me to create this amazing bodysuit and corset for my Model Jax, I think that she is very Gaga inspired and even the judges said so, which I'm super happy about. I would actually do this again, now I know what to expect, what the judges respond to and how to get my ideas across. I plan to get a few more "models" and dress them all in my designs so that you can see my progression. I have to admit that using a different model helped my creativity. My first model, Prudence,who is great, inspired me to make cute clothing, Jax who is a bit more model like and a bit on the edge helped me explore more edge, which was a lot of fun. I have to thank my amazing photographer from  who has taken the best pictures of my model and fashions and for giving me the opportunity to enter the competition, and have fun. Enjoy the photos and look for more designs from Fancy Lad. 

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