Saturday, April 21, 2012

CDDC #5 The Kimono Challenge

Well here is my latest design, you can check out the scores and my progress here, I have to thank my amazing photographer Images by Fitz again, He has done a super job of capturing my designs. I feel that throughout this experience I've been able to grow and find my own way, the Judges mentioned that this was a bit too classic had a 50's feel and to be honest I'm pretty OK with that. For this design I was very influenced by the 2007 Dior couture collection, I didn't copy but put my own spin on it and I'm so happy with the way this suit turned out, once I started to drape and cut the jacket, I knew that this was the perfect look for Jax. I gave her a pencil skirt and remembered how to correctly put in a zipper. I even made the umbrella sculpture. So enjoy the pics and check out the links. And have fun, Next time join me for a reporting of the last challenge.

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