Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Spirit dolls

Greetings everyone I just wanted to share this beauty with you, she is inspired by African Goddesses called Oshun and Yemaya, they are represented in the colors of the doll's dress, yellow for Oshun and Blue for Yemaya, each is a powerful and beautiful women in her own right, they are also considered sisters  and work together often. Oshun also represents the river and Yemaya the Ocean, this doll  represents where the ocean and the river meet.  
I made her for a dear friend of mine, at her request she asked me to combine these colors anyway I saw fit, and this is what I came up with. I call these types of dolls spirit dolls. I used the wonderful patterns from Patti Madaris Culea to create her,  ribbons were used to create the dress, I love using things like ribbons in this way. I had just enough to make the rows of her skirt. I had to improvise the last ruffle of the skirt with some white eyelet, and to be honest when I used I knew the dress was done.  I will also let you in on a little secret the lace on the dress came sewn to the ribbon, I had to remove it to make the sleeves and bodice. This has to be one of my favorite dolls,  she turned out beautiful. I think sometimes the doll will let you know what it wants to be and in this case she did. And in the Fancy Lad style she is very fancy, So take a look and enjoy. 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Just for fun

Hey everyone, just for fun I thought I'd post some of my other work so that you all can take a look. The first pic is of the first lady in white, then I have my King and Queen, Next is the Fairy GodMother, then some of my illustrations, these I did in fashion Illustration II. Enjoy. 

A Grand Day Out

Last Sunday I took a trip to one of the best museums here in San Francisco, the de Young museum. This year they are hosting a exhibit called "Balenciaga and Spain" from the title you can guess they were showing the work of Christobal Balenciaga and how he drew inspiration from Spain. The dresses were beautiful, and you could really see how he drew inspiration from his background, art and religion. I can't say which dress I was attracted to the most because they were all magnificant. I was able to get a bit close to some of the dresses and see the backs of others. I wish I could share pictures of the dresses but alas no photos in the gallery, but I did manage to locate some. After the exhibit I decided to find a cold drink and sit and listen to the band playing in the ampitheater, I do have to say that it was a beautiful day for being outside and having a inspirational day.

Hippy Chicks

A few weeks ago the BADDD had a 60's party, Prudence and Ellowyne found some old hippy outfits in the attic of Ellowyne's fab vitorian (Ok I made the skirts), the rest of the outfits were from differnt doll fashions I had around the studio.

I had a great time at the meeting, I actually one of the winners of movie bingo and got the rocking movie hair. So enjoy the pics of my hippy chicks.