Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A commission...

So some time ago a fellow Tonner Doll enthusiast commissioned me to make a dress for her Gothic Antoinette doll, I was so excited for the chance to create something for her and I had the same doll at home to use as a fit model, got in the way a bit but I finally finished the dress in time for the May Tonner Convention, I think that my friend was very excited and she loved the dress and I'm sure it looks just as lovely on her Antoinette as it does on mine. This all started with a sketch, I wanted to do a bit of a Gothic style but all black has been done, so I choose a beautiful wine color, for the corset I did a bit of quiting to give it texture and strength, for the skirt I did an experiment with fusible backing, this gave the skirt a textured look as well and was totally what I wanted. On the bottom I sewed 4 rows of this real cool wine and black tulle, it's kinda cool instead of the usual type it was kinda random and the effect of putting the two together was just what I wanted. I found a beautiful beaded ribbon at a place in NYC called M&J Trimmings, it's one of the good things about living here in NYC all the cool fabric and trim stores and always something interesting. I sewed a lot of the lining in by hand and I even did a bias strip to cover the top and bottom of the corset, I will say I did deconstruct the beaded ribbon to get the right look, something I learned at the costume shop, thanks guys! Any way it all came together beautifully and I'm so happy with the way it turned out. So enjoy the pics and I'll be posting the next project soon. 
This is the sketch

In progress (planning stage)
Corset in progress.

Finished dress

The back

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A bit of steam and a bit of goth

Greetings All I know I've not posted in quite a while, I've been on a bit of a creative slump and I feel that the slump is over, one of the things that have gotten me going are some new additions to my collection, Meet Thea, Phin and Maudlyne, Thea and Phin are the from Wilde Imagination and were part of their SteamPunk Line "Imperium Park" I really enjoyed the line and for Christmas I received Phin after finding Thea at the Tonner WearHouse Sale, both are the basic dolls and I also got these wonderful fashions for them. Maudlyne is from Tonner Toys, she is a little girl who lives in a huge old house in upstate New York, her best friend is a ghost (who I'm told will be coming out sometime this year). Fingers are crossed cuz this one needs a friend. I've noticed that my collection has taken a decided dark turn with the steam punk and goth ladies I have gotten of late and to be honest I'm kind of fine with that. So here are some quick snaps. More to come as I learn to take better pics.