Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A vision in White

Not too long ago I was asked by dear friends E and JR to create a doll dressed in white as a gift for a friend in Peurto Rico well I finally finished her, now this is not a original pattern I used the a pattern from Pattie Medaris Culea's Book "Creative Cloth Doll Making" I love these patterns they are so fun and expressive and highly adaptable. I do believe these books should be part of any cloth doll makers library, they have good techniques and lots of inspiration. Back to the doll she is dressed in white, with long curly hair, hand painted face and shoes. So please enjoy the pictures and check out the book.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

School's Out for Summer!!!

Well my wonderful followers (all 3 of you). School is out for summer and I say wahoo!!!!, I did not finish either of my coats but the has not deterred me, I will finish them when I get back from Chicago for a weekend of fun. I do have to say that my hand sewn in lining looks fabulous, I did go a good job on that. The great and talented instructor of 15C (aka Construction 3) asked us what we learned, I said that I learned that pad stitching is a wonderful technique with beautiful results, she also asked would we use what we learned in the class? I feel that yes I would use the techniques, heck learning how to do welt pockets is priceless, I am planning on practicing this technique some more my corners were not as perfect as I would have liked and practice makes perfect. She also asked us about the our challenges, I mentioned that my biggest challenge was time management, with work and another work intensive class I should have figured out how to manage my time better, I should have just come home and sewn more. Grades will be posted soon and I'm looking forward to that. I did learn a ton in this class, and in a way I also learned to let go of some of my sewing fears, I'm making a hand tailored wool coat. How hard can a dress be?
On Sunday The CCSF Fashion Department had their annual Fashion show, and can I say as a first time attendee, it was good, lots of fun, lots of good fashion many of my friends from school had clothing in it, and one of the senior designers won a 2 year scholarship to the Academy of Art here in San Francisco. How cool was that? Now I have no idea what went on behind the scenes, there is always some kind of drama in these things but I didn't notice much in the front of the house. Ruby Skye was kinda cool, and the company was a blast.
So now I'm off for a bit, more in a few days. Enjoy the pics of my fabulous and well done hand stitched lining (I'm a pro at the ladder stitch, that is the stitch I use on all my hand sewn dolls).

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Sample of the my collection

This semester I'm actually taking two classes, my other class is called "Starting a Garment Business", in this class we have a big project to present on Tuesday, this dress is part of my collection and is a example of my sewing skills. I developed the pattern and finished this look today. I still have a bit more to do and this is a huge part of my presentation. I made the dress to fit my American Model. I think she looks amazing. Wish me luck, and cross your fingers so that I get an A.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More Coat

Well this coat is killing me, I have a few weeks till class ends, I still have another coat to make "will he do it?"
 Dear readers who knows, I'm feeling the pressure to get everything done before the end of class. This week I have to work on my final presentation for my "Starting a Garment Business class, Lucky for me I'm half done on this I can polish things up a bit. The presentation is on the 17th. I will look back at this semester as being one of the hardest I've done, but I'm proud of my accomplishment thus far. Wish me luck and send positive thoughts my way.