Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New dolls, Old Movie

Ok, I just have to say The Tonner Doll Company surprised me this year with two dolls from my favorite Christmas Movie, White Christmas, I figured I would eventually purchase them for myself as I love the movie and the costume they were wearing, I could see making the clothing from the movie including the blue "Sisters" dresses. Well for Christmas I was surprised with them Yes both of them. Please welcome the Haynes Sisters, Betty and Judy to the house of Fancy Lad. And I have to say the attention to detail is amazing, they even have the right color eyes Betty has blue, and Judy has brown. The dresses are true to the movie as well, even down to the designs on the fabric. They move well and I can't wait for Betty to sing "Love You Did Me Wrong" I may even make the black dress from the movie, I think that would be awesome. Anyway enjoy the pics while I enjoy the dolls.

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