Saturday, January 14, 2012

It's Been a while...

Greetings all, 2011 ended with many life changing events, first was a move across country, I am now a New Yorker. Yes I've given up life in the city by the bay for life in the big apple. It's a bit colder here and life is a bit different but so far it is working out.
I even have my first job in New York, I am working as a 1st hand in a costume shop, making costumes for different Broadway shows and dance companies all over the country, for example I'm helping to make costumes for the San Francisco Ballet, I had to move across country to work on San Francisco stuff go figure LOL.
I had two losses in 2011,
One my dear friend QC lost her beloved Roscoe, he was her dog, her four legged companion, he was my furry nephew and I miss him dearly. I was able to meet Roscoe the same day QC did, I held him in my arms that 1st weekend and a life long friendship was made. I always felt Roscoe's tail wagged just a bit more for me. I always felt that as long as Roscoe was around I didn't need a dog. He used to come and stay with us when QC was on a trip, he was always a welcome house guest, even when he needed a walk at 5:30 am on a Saturday. He always made me happy, cuz he was happiness and joy in physical form. Be at peace my dear friend, perhaps you are making my mom happy now too.
As many of my FB friends know my mom  passed away just before the end of the year, this came as quite a surprise to all of us as she was holding on pretty well. We lost a bright, talented lady that day. She was as my sister said the mom we needed. She allowed all of us to spread our wings and fly. And fly I did, she taught me to draw, to explore my talents and grow as a artist and as a person. I'm not sure if she ever knew this but it's because of her that I am the artist I am today. I think she always wanted me to be a actor, but as I got older I knew that my path lay in the fiber and doll arts. My mom also taught me to read, she gave me a love of books that I am so thankful for today. I remember she was always reading, I wanted to be able to do that too and she showed me how, because of this a whole world of adventure and imagination was given to me. Every time I pick up a book I think of her. I'm happy she knew I had moved to be closer, and that I was able to tell her that I was working in New York City.  I hope she has found all of her lost pets and I know she has found rest and peace.

So even though 2011 started a sad, 2012 is looking up, I hope to be working at the costume shop for a while, my sewing area will be up and going soon so that I can get back to sewing! I'm going to be having wonderful adventures in New York.

Happy 2012 everyone!

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined.
Henry David Thoreau

Mom and I at Macainac Island in Matching sweatshirts

 Mom and I looking fab in our 80's sunglasses

 Mom just looking beautiful, my favorite picture of her

 Me and Roscoe on a visit to the bay area 

Just Roscoe being cute. 


  1. Thanks Mary it means a lot to me, even though there was some bad in 2011 there was good too.