Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A vision in White

Not too long ago I was asked by dear friends E and JR to create a doll dressed in white as a gift for a friend in Peurto Rico well I finally finished her, now this is not a original pattern I used the a pattern from Pattie Medaris Culea's Book "Creative Cloth Doll Making" I love these patterns they are so fun and expressive and highly adaptable. I do believe these books should be part of any cloth doll makers library, they have good techniques and lots of inspiration. Back to the doll she is dressed in white, with long curly hair, hand painted face and shoes. So please enjoy the pictures and check out the book.


  1. Thanks Nicole! She did turn out very nice.

  2. She's very lovely. what's her name?

  3. Keith, thank You at this time she doesn't have a name, she is representative of a african spirit called Obatala, one of the aspects is that he is the King of white cloth, and this doll represents that aspect. She took a long time to make because I was in school and had lots to do.