Wednesday, May 25, 2011

School's Out for Summer!!!

Well my wonderful followers (all 3 of you). School is out for summer and I say wahoo!!!!, I did not finish either of my coats but the has not deterred me, I will finish them when I get back from Chicago for a weekend of fun. I do have to say that my hand sewn in lining looks fabulous, I did go a good job on that. The great and talented instructor of 15C (aka Construction 3) asked us what we learned, I said that I learned that pad stitching is a wonderful technique with beautiful results, she also asked would we use what we learned in the class? I feel that yes I would use the techniques, heck learning how to do welt pockets is priceless, I am planning on practicing this technique some more my corners were not as perfect as I would have liked and practice makes perfect. She also asked us about the our challenges, I mentioned that my biggest challenge was time management, with work and another work intensive class I should have figured out how to manage my time better, I should have just come home and sewn more. Grades will be posted soon and I'm looking forward to that. I did learn a ton in this class, and in a way I also learned to let go of some of my sewing fears, I'm making a hand tailored wool coat. How hard can a dress be?
On Sunday The CCSF Fashion Department had their annual Fashion show, and can I say as a first time attendee, it was good, lots of fun, lots of good fashion many of my friends from school had clothing in it, and one of the senior designers won a 2 year scholarship to the Academy of Art here in San Francisco. How cool was that? Now I have no idea what went on behind the scenes, there is always some kind of drama in these things but I didn't notice much in the front of the house. Ruby Skye was kinda cool, and the company was a blast.
So now I'm off for a bit, more in a few days. Enjoy the pics of my fabulous and well done hand stitched lining (I'm a pro at the ladder stitch, that is the stitch I use on all my hand sewn dolls).

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