Sunday, February 24, 2013

A bit of steam and a bit of goth

Greetings All I know I've not posted in quite a while, I've been on a bit of a creative slump and I feel that the slump is over, one of the things that have gotten me going are some new additions to my collection, Meet Thea, Phin and Maudlyne, Thea and Phin are the from Wilde Imagination and were part of their SteamPunk Line "Imperium Park" I really enjoyed the line and for Christmas I received Phin after finding Thea at the Tonner WearHouse Sale, both are the basic dolls and I also got these wonderful fashions for them. Maudlyne is from Tonner Toys, she is a little girl who lives in a huge old house in upstate New York, her best friend is a ghost (who I'm told will be coming out sometime this year). Fingers are crossed cuz this one needs a friend. I've noticed that my collection has taken a decided dark turn with the steam punk and goth ladies I have gotten of late and to be honest I'm kind of fine with that. So here are some quick snaps. More to come as I learn to take better pics. 

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