Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hankie Pankie

Today a new book arrived from that magical place called Amazon, "Hankie Couture" by Marsha Greenberg. I couldn't wait so I just flipped through the book before starting home work and I can't believe how fun and inspiring this book is, it's colorful and the the images are clear and easy to see and there are patterns in the back.
Looking through the book brought back memories of when I used to dress my sister's Barbies in my mom's scarves. Being the late 70's and early 80's mom had a cool collection of scarves that floated and hung wonderfully. Who knew that i was draping back then. My dresses were simple and usually tied with yarn or ribbon but they were always haute couture and worthy of a red carpet in our eyes. So if you have a chance check out the book and enjoy the photos and the inspiration.  As for me I will try to come up with a dress inspired by the book and post it here, of course this will have to wait till after school is over but that is only a few weeks. Now back to homework.

So here is the book cover, I think it is a bit "Fancy"

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